Astronacci Club (A-CLUB) announces refund and cancellation policy as follows:

A-CLUB Member would not receive any refund for a cancellation their membership package due to a personal reason that mentioned,

a. Losses in market experienced by A-CLUB Members.

b. A-CLUB Members are not satisfied with services.

c. The different point of view with A-CLUB Members to Members and A-CLUB Members to Astronacci

d. Other reason that will be mentioned in next term.

  • Astronacci reserves the right to refuse or cancel a membership in Astronacci Club at any time and for any reason. If Astronacci refuses or cancel membership, members will not be a refund for the remaining portion of their membership at the time of termination
  • All benefits and incentives received by members must be cancelled /returned to the Astronacci
  • All membership package that mentioned in advance could not to receive refund in any form according to the provisions of Astronacci.

By Joining the Astronacci Club (A-CLUB) you should read the refund and cancellation policy in Advance. A-CLUB Members are considered agree and accepted the terms and conditions including refund policy.

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