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Written by Gema Goeyardi, MM, CAT, CFTe, MFTA, CFII, IGI, CSA, CTA, February 03, 2018

Every time I see the skies, I always think of how nice if we could fly through the sky. And thanks to the development of technology, now we can fly in the air with proper equipment and machinery. If you love the sky and wanted to fly see the beauty of the world, becoming a pilot is the answer.

This time I’m at Aircraft Spruce & Specialty co., in this place we can see and buy what kind of equipments used when you become a pilot. This place provides a variety of things ranging from spare parts for aircraft, supplies for pilot, the pilot's equipment, supplies of machines, equipment, and even a flight training.

This is a display of simulator panel, we can see that this is a very complex and if you really want to become a pilot, you must study diligently and earnestly.

An awful lot that you have to look at this place if you want to learn to be a pilot, you can also ask the functions of every piece of equipment that exist here. The services is very good, the shopkeeper are friendly and provide detailed information & recommendation you need.

If you're goin to California and would like to find out more about pilots and airplanes, don't forget to stop by this place.

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